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Merry X-mas Everyone! (Wiesbaden-Mainz)

First I could not believe, but then when I looked around it was clear that we filled out the whole “Kamin” restaurant & bar with an international, positive energy and the atmosphere of joy.

And although at first I was a bit concerned that this kind of “sitting-event” won’t work out, it really did! Everybody was involved in many nice, funny, interesting, serious and less serious;), or sometimes strange discussions, like the one on good connections to Santa Claus;). I wonder what presents all of you found under your pillow or in your shoes that day…?!

Members who joined us later, after the seminar of InterNations Professional Networking in Frankfurt, explained to us the clue of “Love means value” issue, and then we actually experienced that "if you smile – the others smile back"…;-) and so I had an impression that everybody had a good time as wherever I looked, I could see smiling faces!

Summing up, this was a very, very warm event – not only because of the big fireplace in the middle which made our faces become red from time to time (no, it was not the alcohol! neither mojito, nor cuba libre!;) – but thank to the fact that members who appeared brought lots of good mood and warm feelings with them.

Finally, 50 Members signed up and over 40 appeared! A big, big thank you to all you guys for being so reliable! :)
And here are the photos: Protected content

I wish you all Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!
May your dreams come true and may our events be better and better in the coming Protected content !

All the best and see you in January!

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