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Residency/ Insurance/ Employee Contract (Wiesbaden-Mainz)

Hello All!

I moved here about a month and a half ago. I am on a tourist visa and recieved a job offer from a local family in Mainz. They want me to be their kinderfrau/nanny and we we're both wondering which type of insurance I would need to get in order to gain my residency here. They will supply me with a letter offering me the job as well as a written contract both in English and in German and the last thing I will need to take to the citizens office is proof of health insurance. Since the family and I plan on keeping my residency for more than 12 months, I will not be taking the title of an au pair. Au pairs are limited to only a 12 month max stay here in Germany and after the contract of 12 months and residency is up in that time, it means I would immediately have to return to my home country since I am not an EU citizen. If anyone has any experience in individual insurance for expats for such a situation I would love any and all information on such topic.
Thank You!

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