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Wiesbaden - furnished or unfurnished? (Wiesbaden-Mainz)

Hello! I’m brand new to this site, and have joined since I will soon (hopefully) be making a move to Wiesbaden. I’m trying to do some pre-planning regarding the places that are available and how that selection will impact/affect what we will have to ship, store, or sell/donate/give-away for the move.

We’d like to rent an apartment/flat/condo close to the city center. I've browsed some of the other forum posts and site resources, and see references to furnished places being the exception rather than the rule. I've done some browsing of English realty sites, and they appear to present more options for furnished than unfurnished. I'm just trying to determine what the reality is... so that we know what to plan for and bring with... Protected content which option offers the better selection of units that fit our hopes/wants?

We’re willing to go either way (store our stuff here and go for a furnished unit, or ship stuff to meet us there so that we can furnish an empty place ourselves)… I’d just hate to assume that we’ll find an unfurnished place and ship our furniture to Germany, and then find out that the only “good” places near the city center are all furnished, and we’ve got to stow or sell our furniture there.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies!

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