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Some insider tips & info on Namibia? (Windhoek)

Hi Everyone,
I would love to connect with some people who immigrated to Namibia. I have this crazy idea to live in Namibia even though I have never been there. Obviously I’m not going to just hop on a plane and move :) However I would love to just hop on a plane and spend a couple of weeks there, just to get to know the locals and the life and the culture.

I was wondering how others have done this. Some of you were probably sent by your employers to Namibia, but many might have made the decision on your own.

How did you „test“ the country before you decided?
How did you decide which part of Namibia to go to?

I’d love to know how safe it is to come to Namibia as a single woman. My current work is portable, so I could stay for a month or so and continue working „from home“. But of course I would love to connect and socialize with some people and take some trips to get to know the country.

I would also love to do some volunteer work, in case anyone might have any leads. Or help out in a B&B or so, in exchange for accommodation – well, I’m really still brainstorming here...

I know there’s also a large German community – are the Germans „everywhere“ in Namibia or are they in specific places?
I am German but have been living abroad for more than 15 years and never had a particular need to connect with other Germans. Somehow that’s changing now and it would be nice to connect with „home“ while still being abroad.

I’m just putting this out there now. If anyone has any tips, I’d be super grateful!

Have a great day,

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