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10 things we didn't know


1. Bras are Protected content old.

2. The Nazis plotted to kill Sir Winston Churchill with an exploding bar of chocolate.

3. Promiscuous squid swim more slowly after sex.

4. Mexicans drink more bottled water per capita than any other country.

5. ANC guerrillas contacted London to get the exact wording of a Julius Caesar speech.

6. Albatrosses are serially unfaithful to their long-term partners.

7. George Michael woke from his coma with a 'vaguely Bristolian' accent.

8. Iron age Britons liked olives.

9. The restaurant Noma imports 22,000 live ants from Denmark every day for its starter at Claridge's.

10. Seabirds can identify their relatives by sniffing them.

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