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2012 the Armageddon is knocking on our door!

Protected content predicted Armageddon is knocking on our door. Pack your very precious things for an immediate escape to Africa, as it was shown in the movie, to be secure :-)

The visions of the hollywood movie Protected content to become true two years earlier than predicted. The start of punching at worlds skin began in Japan on Wednesday this week, where the undersea volcano Mount Fukutokuokanoba -it is located about 6 kilometers north-northeast of Minami-Iwojima island in Ogasawaramura (about 1,300 kilometers from Tokyo) in the Pacific Ocean - erupted and showing a tower of smoke.

Residents of Northern California's Humboldt County were rocked by a magnitude-6.0 earthquake Thursday the 2nd large quake in a month hits off Northern California coast
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Followed by a moderate stroke in Poland northwest of the city of Legnica on Saturday morning. Experts say Earthquakes of such magnitudes are rare in Central Europe, and a seismologist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) called it a "significant event" for the region.
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Also the climate going madon Saturday. Together with a snowmaggedon in Washington DC USA Heaviest snowfall on record forecast as second severe blizzard causes deaths and disruption in eastern US.
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Its time folks

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