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2012 - World is back into balance?

The global integral world is a world where we are all connected to a single system, where it is impossible to ignore the crashing economy in the U.S., Europe, Japan or China because the fall of one of those powerful countries will have a butterfly effect and drag the rest of the world down along with it.

So all the usual solutions regarding methods of taxation, production, savings, investments, and innovation are simply adding salt to the wound because the basic conditions of our existence have changed.

As the world’s top analysts attempt to predict what will happen in Protected content , the current escalation of world affairs continues to pressure us. Rather than wasting time thinking about what we can do with the current tools at our disposal, maybe we should be thinking about how we can embrace the integral global world that has seemingly landed on us without warning?
The global integral world is not about the transfer of knowledge or merchandise is a fact already, but maybe is rather an expression of an approaching new social order?

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