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A totally Internet based home business

2Plus7 is a company that provides its members with education on several important aspects of healthy and smart living. One of the major drawing factors is the relatively small start-up cost to join. Brand new members are only expected to pay a start-up fee of $27, and the membership perks and benefits far exceed this minimal investment.

As a member, you have access to expert advice given in many key areas by industry professionals. This advice includes personal development, learning to cook from a renowned chef, secrets to paying off your mortgage early, trading in the Forex Market, a guide to eating properly and losing weight, and a savings package.

The Compensation Plan

2Plus7 offers its subscribers a straight line compensation plan. What this means is everyone who joins after you helps you qualify to cycle and earn $27, regardless of who signs them up.

Broken down, this means you join for $27, and once you enroll two others at $27, you earn two qualifying certificates that enables you to leverage the efforts of sales made by anyone or anywhere. Once seven sales come in, the cycle is complete, and you earn $27. This cycle has the potential to happen over and over again, sometimes hundreds of times per day.

The Review

What 2Plus7 is bringing to the marketplace is an opportunity for people to leverage the efforts of others into a fortune. But in order for them to gain success deep into the future, a few things will need to happen.

First, 2Plus7 will need to attract seasoned network marketing industry professionals. This will create a buzz around their business model and if people who have had success in the past come on board, newer distributors will follow suit.

Second, 2Plus7 must separate itself from other opportunities that offer similar compensation plans. They’ve taken the first step towards this effort by implementing a minimal start-up cost, but the key is to attract smart-minded individuals who are looking for long-term success and not just a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

Finally, the education they provide to their subscribers will play a major role in 2Plus7’s growth. The most important thing a new subscriber will need is a system that instructs them how to generate leads and market their business.This is included in your subscription to 2 plus7. Also, just as important, a subscriber must be able to coach, mentor, and instruct those they sponsor to ensure they take the necessary steps towards duplicating their actions and growing their businesses.

In marketing, regardless of product, company, or compensation plan, an entrepreneur’s ability to expand their education is top priority. You must be able to adapt to changes, accept failure before success, and develop a mindset that allows you to succeed.
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