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A New World is Happening!

Our World is entering a New Era of Consciousness. There is a SHIFT going on all over this planet. There are changes everywhere, in every country, in every economic sector, touching every kind of person. Many initiatives, movements and groups are already working on a more sustainable world based on solidarity, co-working, co-creativity and sharing. I heartily need to share them with you and tell everyone that another world is happening.

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"What we are witnessing is a transformation and that means there has to be a death as well as a rebirth. The system that we have needs to die, it does not work, what it does it concentrates wealth and it distributes poverty, and it is profoundly anti-democratic and it is devour the planet.” Kenny AUSUBEL, Co-CEO & Founder, Bioneers
(Enjoy the CULTURAL CREATIVES’ Trailer - you might be one of the Protected content . :D

We can change the world together and it’s going to be an amazing experience for the whole humanity! The energy is here and the time is NOW!

If you know any initiative, any amazing story about changes for the New World, please let me know, I will be happy to spread it around!

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