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A patriotic Song should not be stigmatised.


"Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles,Uber Alles in der welt " Meaning Germany is the best in the world,Why stigmatize a beautiful patriotic song only because a mad man Hitler used the first line of the song for his Nazi purpose.In the same logic then we should ban a most popular Indian song Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara ( My india is the best country in the world or Bengali song Sakal deser Raani Seje Amar Janmabhumi meaning by birth country is the queen of all countries.

In that logic in India we should also ban the most holy symbol of India Swastika because Hitler used it. All Indian family has the symbol in home and no religious function take place without it.

If we human society truly wish to be Weltburger, world citizen then we should shake off our superstitions and decide and declare that we will not let our life be a television programming and we do not need political correctness to win the rating game.Song is a song . Music is music.People are people.

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