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Dear Friends,

The idea is simply to have a place to share TED talks we like on any topic. This idea was inspired by a TED talk recorded in April Protected content , in Bend Oregon USA.

This first topic is one that old philosophers and young poets will nod and think … what’s new about that? But if you’re not an old philosopher or a young poet… not understanding this will make life SEEM a lot harder than it is or needs to be.

The TED talk is titled : “Why Aren't We Awesomer?” by Michael Neill

He begins with a quote…

“A man will be imprisoned in a room with a
door that's unlocked and opens inwards;
as long as it does not occur to him to pull
rather than push.”

-Ludwig Wittgenstein ( Protected content )

And ends this talk by saying…

“No matter how long you’ve been stuck with
something, no matter how real a problem looks
no matter how intractable a difficulty seems,
you’re never more than one thought away
from a whole new experience of being alive”

In-between I suspect you’ll laugh or at least smile (sniffing dog was my favorite)
as you participate along with the audience in his experiments.

Note: My opinion on the length of TED talks is…

10 minutes is best
20 minutes is too long
15 minutes is tolerable only if it is VERY good.

Protected content
(14 minutes) “Why Aren't We Awesomer?” by Michael Neill


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Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF Protected content

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