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A Poems for my daughter: 'Winter Break' & 'Santa'

Hi everyone,

I recently wrote two poems for my daughter's school competition "Kaleidoscope - Poetry in Action " (class Nursery) and she won a prize after reciting them across two rounds . I desire to share the same with you all here.

Poem 1: Title ' Santa Santa' ; Recitation date 24 Dec Protected content

Santa Santa, My dear friend,
All my wishes, here I send,
Fill the world, with colors and light
Bring me balloons - pink, red, white.

Christmas bells & twinkling stars
fill the world with smiles and flowers,
Lots of sweets and cakes to eat
For my hungry friends a treat

Santa Santa we love you
Make all our dreams come true!

Poem 2: Title ' Winter Break' ; Recitation date 20 Jan Protected content

Winter Break was full of fun,
With rain, fog and bit of sun,

After Happy New Year , we went overseas,
To clean white beaches and sea with breeze,
To the land with colorful birds that fly,
over lush green trees and in clear blue sky,

We met the elephant and we fed the deer,
We also played with python, without any fear,
And back we flew in a very big plane,
To meet my teachers and friends again.

We will now celebrate the Republic Day,
With a feeling of Pride and love all the way,
We also Pray to God to Bless everyone
To make the life filled with fun!

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