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A president with a sense of social responsibility

Let me introduce you to Jose Mujica the president of Uruguay, In South America.
President Mujica gives away 90% of his salary to charity, he states he has more than enough for himself and his wife Lucia, a congressman who also gives away part of her salary. He ensures he is ok due to the fact that "many Uruguayan live on less than that 10% ". Mujica refuses to live in the presidential mansion, offering it to temporarily accommodate people in need instead. His residesence is under his wife's name in the outskirts of the capital Montevideo.
I am attaching his speech at the Protected content de Janeiro UN Summit before the UN Secretary Ban Ki -moon.
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He barely allows security forces protect him around his residence and drives his US$ 1.945 well kept VW Fusca around. Recently he injured his nose helping a neighbor fix his roof during a strong rain storm. He has no bank accounts and no debts; he says it "allows him to sleep well at night". Mujica is a man of principles, an example of selflessness, humbleness and genuine love to his land and his people.
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