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A self gratification society?

With the boom in social media, where we can navigate our social lives with a click of a button, have we created a society of self gratification where people have become increasingly impatient and intolerant of others?
IN is a cyber microcosm of society where each of us brings our views, opinions and bias to a social media site with the hope of connecting with others on some form of meaningful level.
Unfortunately, it appears that we have also created impatience and intolerance by instantly needing some form of self gratification. People are connecting with each other online, not face-to-face but through social media. Intimacy and social intercourse now takes place online, not in a café. Have you noticed how few people connect with each other in a café? Most ignore the physical presence of others and choose to go online to chat Sit with a group of teens and watch how they ignore their "friends" instead choosing to text their "friends". Many have never experienced, or have lost the art of real one-on-one, face-to-face conversation. It has been replaced with their own self gratifying needs, their forever 15 minutes of fame, their selfie sticks, their online posts, their Facebook page,
Can you go through the day without your phone by your side? Does your laptop follow you everywhere? Are you hooked into social media but not the real tangible day-to-day world? Are you living through your Facebook page?
Please enlighten me!

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