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A Sense of Destiny.Why we MUST have this.


everybody lives with some hopes and dreams. but the firm and certain conviction that you arent here just to live a miserable life, to die a miserable death, do you have this conviction? i like to call it a sense of destiny . sometimes having the sense of destiny makes life less hard , cos we know, we simply KNOW that there is an immaculate reason for our being here. and whatever difficulties we go through are leading us to this tryst with destiny which could be coming right up, who's to say? what do you think?having a sense of destiny makes us feel less like the cogs that we sometimes feel we are and bestows upon us the strength and the capacity to cope with life's little miseries . no matter what happens , we KNOW that we matter and that our future and life will turn out ABSOLUTELY fine. it gives us huge capacity to see the big picture and think resourcefully and to not struggle so desperately . it also wards off feelings of desperation and helplessness. because we KNOW beyond any doubt that we were created , not just to make up the numbers, but that we , as individuals really and truly are worthy and that we matter utterly.
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