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A short trip to Luoyang

Haven't been on a vacation for a while. Lately my friend just changed a job and relocated in Luoyang, excited to get invited to Luoyang, yea a good chance to explore some famous tourist sights there ....

Here we go..Longmen Grottoes first..

Longmen Grottoes is a UNESCO site for the reason. We took the High-speed train from Xi’an which needs only 90 minutes. It is so amazing to see that the Buddhas are carving inside of the mountain, with more than Protected content of history. And there are also different dimensions of rock sculptures ranging from 25mm to 17mm in height.

The ultimate carvings are found at the end of the trail, so we took a boat ride then shuttle bus to get back to the main gates. On the boat, we had a different view of the mountains and carvings. The main highlight is the giant Buddha along the middle on the western side which is really impressive.

The best times to view the Longmen Grottoes are either early morning or in the evening near sunset. In early morning there are few tourists, and everything is tranquil and peaceful. You can view or even pray all by yourself.

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