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A solution for waterborne illness/diseases?

Hello InterNations community,

I have build an electronic, portable device that disinfects drinking water by killing or inactivating pathogenic microorganisms within minutes.

The device is battery and solar powered, works without additional chemicals, has no exchanging parts and can be immersed completely into water. The disinfection process works full-automated, no user entry is necessary. It blinks red while working and turns into green when the water is safe to drink!

I raise funds through Kickstarter (an US based internet platform for crowd-funding of creative projects) for financing manufacture of the first Protected content . More details about this project can be found here: Protected content

Please let me know your experiences regarding water disinfection and water born illness/diseases in your home country, what works, what doesn't, facts about your drinking water quality, water charity and non-profit organisations, technical and engineering feedback, ecc..


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