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A Tale of the Sexy Blonde and the Undertaker


Well, this isn’t really a tale at all, rather it plays out on most any segment of Megyn Kelly on Fox News (broadcast daily) and in particular those segments when she interviews the mortician, (a good fill in for Lurch in the Adam’s Family), Charles Krauthammer.

Kelly, who clearly would best be suited sitting on the back of a Harley scantily dressed in black leather and with her fine firm abs exposed* gets the funeral director, Krauthammer into fits of heavy breathing. No matter what the dumb blonde says, Krauthammer, who clearly has far more established credentials than the slut from Syracuse could ever dream, is a pathetic lap dog in her presence.

* Protected content

This is all high drama and cleverly orchestrated by the reincarnation of Nazi propaganda minister (formerly Joseph Goebbels), Roger Ailes.

Personally I find this all be entertaining as hell, but couched within this rendition of the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, our Quasimodo and Esmeralda go too far, as unfortunately what plays out in these Fox “News” segments is taken as gospel and truth by so many easily duped Americans who earned a truly great American, PT Barnum, to quip, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

In reality it’s all a rather brilliant play by Ailes. If one can’t get these troublesome liberals to convert to our way of thinking let’s introduce what they know best…sex appeal. So what’s next? Could it possibly be a photo shoot of a ménage à trois with Roger Ailes, Krauthammer and Megyn Kelly?

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