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A Tribute To Those Who Serve To Protect


Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, Protected content

We live in a world yet to accept and understand how to share. We hope for a world one day where we can all say, :We have No Borders".

That world in reality has not yet been realized although it is there to be had.

The Astronauts gave us the cue on one of their journeys to outer space, but we have yet to listen.

Houston ground station to astronauts circling the earth.:
"What can you see? Can you see the countries and the borders?"

Astronauts to Houston Ground Control:
"No Houston, we cannot see borders, It's all one."

So until that time comes when we no longer need men and women giving their lives to protect and serve, keep citizens safe, protect our borders, as they do yours, we are indebted to give thanks.

Today, Memorial Day is the day to give thanks and gratitude for the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

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