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It looks like the whole world is talking about how to save countries or people who are suffering from the EBOLA disease.

As a Hong Kong People, we did have similar experience with SARs and did have sacrifice with great medical workers and doctors in our place. However, finally we passed it through and sucessfully made it under control and no more people are living with masks and fear under this disease in Hong Kong.

Please note that there is no 100% effective medicine or drugs which are available to cure any kinds of present or coming new diseases. What we can do is only to reduce getting chances of infection.

Thus our wise government had a remarkable education to Public to raise our awareness on personal hygiene, especially on understanding and knowing the ways to prevent the spreading of germs.

Let me share with you the basic we have been told.

- Always mind your hands
Your hands do good deeds but they also spread germs.

- Wash hands frequently especially before eating, after toilet use, after sneezing or coughing, after changing diapers....
- Wash hands with liquid soap and water or clean them with Protected content % alcohol-based handrub
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth casually....

This is just a piece of opinion from a person in Hong Kong, where we conquered a terrible disease....

Wish you all healthy and have a nice weekend!


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