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Abu Dhabi Hike in Salaries (past 2 months)

This past November I had read somewhere that all federal government employees, including civilians and security personnel of the interior ministry of Abu Dhabi, will get 70 per cent salary hike with effect from January Protected content – a standard way to counter inflation. While this is fantastic, what happens to employees of the private sector, who also happens to be facing the same inflation problem as the government sector? Because of the salary hike, there was also an announcement of a price hike in products bought for everyday groceries. Yet, what happens to those employed in the private sector whose salaries remain stagnant while everything else around them is skyrocketing?

Should there be some sort of compensation for those in the private sector? Can’t the arm be extended a little longer to reach the other side too? And if you have been affected one way or another by this proposed hike, now in its 2-month run, mind sharing what has happened since it has taken place?

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