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Advice for Torontonians dreaming of Cali?

My husband and I are discussing potentially moving our life to Los Angeles / San Francisco area for a while, from Toronto. It's c-c-c-old here, and the politics North of the Border have begun to irk us more than they're worth tolerating... and we'd like to take on an adventure before we settle into having kids.

My husband, I know, could easily transfer his position at his current company, or else land a new gig as a web developer no problem at any of the tech startups. I'm wondering, however, how it would work for myself - would I have to get my own job-sponsored green card, or could I tag along with him job-free because I'm his wife? I'm interested in pursuing some non Protected content , in terms of my freelance web development/design and fashion design/crafting interests. Would I have the freedom to do so, or would I lso have to work?

I'm also wondering what some great areas to live in would be - we are VERY into local, organic food, absolutely LOVE the burning man culture, and we're into modern, progressive thinking (without the polyamy!) and so wondering if there's any neat modern hippie type places to live in those areas.

Thanks for any advice!

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