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Advice on moving to Johannesburg

Hi all,
I recently interviewed for a position in Joburg and am very interested in moving there. I have a long term partner who will hopefully be moving with me if he can obtain a job in relevant to his PhD and interests. Does anyone know anything about jobs related to data science work or any tips for finding such jobs in Joburg? His PhD is is neuroscience, so he is also interested in that field as well (possibly a postdoc) but would ultimately like to focus on data science.

Also I'd love to get some tips and advice on finding housing. I'm super excited about the possibility of moving so I have been reading up a lot of neighborhoods and looking at rental prices. I think I'm interested in Melville but am a bit unsure. Are there any tips or specific things to look for when considering where and what to rent? I'm also curious if there are any tips on this if I make the move as a single female. Thanks guys!

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