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Age is a major factor to determine in relationship


Here in my Country there's a true story and had became trending in certain news about young men by age 18 years old who had marrying women whose age 70's years old ;)
I don't know does "love is blind" were do existed lately.
It's interesting views for me to think that what was the men looking from the women and what was consideration from the women to accept these uncommon relationship. I mean I was know some man who think that having relationship with age younger 20 years something is mistake maybe because some sort of the practical ways or mindset didn't matched or maybe some biological didn't compatible or complicated and lots of maybe.
It had crossed my mind too that sometimes in work environment whether we have realize it or not there always age range condition requires to be hired maybe because the employer have reasonable justification for employment to seek for experience ones that capability and skill are main points to adjust and met the job/duties or maybe some sort of psychology purpose which ages is important factor to be fit in company needs from mental and personality assessment.
Based on above provided eventually people would determine age become important factor on anything especially in relationship where satisfaction and achievement are hopefully would be something worth to be kept as an valuable asset or someone whom really deserve to be partner for long time relationship.
Please share your thoughts and I would appreciate it as my valuable knowledge.
Thank you, Cheers ~ Maria.

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