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Swissair was the first major airline to go bankrupt following the terror attacks of 11 September Protected content .
Swissair's assets were merged with the regional airline Crossair to form Swiss International in Protected content , which was bought by Lufthansa in Protected content .
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7 Nov Protected content
The carrier has become the first major European airline to file for bankruptcy, although its part-owner, Swissair, has remained in crisis since coming close to collapse last month.
Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt has announced the launch of a new Belgian airline on the same day that its national flagship, Sabena, has filed for bankruptcy. The new airline will be based in Brussels and will, unlike Sabena, be independent of the government. Mr Verhofstadt's said that after intensive talks with investors that the new airline - as yet unnamed – later Brussels Airlines - would be capitalized at 200m euros ($180m), including 155m euros from 12 Belgian banks and enterprises. The remaining capital is to come from Belgian regional investment corporations.
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Alitalia is forecasting an operating loss of more than Protected content euros this year, says the plan will help it back into profit in Protected content , enabling it to join a merger of Air France and KLM.
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Large debts and fuel costs have made Alitalia's future precarious.
Alitalia needed a 300m-euro ($463m; £238m) loan from the Italian government after a takeover collapsed.
Air France-KLM scrapped its takeover bid for Alitalia amid opposition from unions.
An all-Italian consortium did not still appear to come in for the carrier.

I understand that Alitalia is the national flight carrier, but going on like this the Italian government can not continuo supporting Alitalia. Understand a lot of people will lose their job. In Italy they said in the past that working in Alitalia is the best job you could have after a job in a bank. Last year the pilots were against their own unions, because the unions were killing Alitalia……with their opposition to the Air France KLM takeover.

- Maybe it is time to declare bankrupt for Alitalia……… a new Italian, maybe independent of the government, can be created like in Belgium. And maybe if this happens an all - Italian-consortium will come out, because who wants to buy Alitalia like it is today.
- Or risk to finish like Swissair…….in non Italian hands.

Your thoughts.

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