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Hello All! I just wanted to introduce myself. I recently moved here from myself for the states with my wife and young child recently I have been trying to join the American Club, but they say I need a Tier 1 sponsor.

I called the American Citizenship Services, and RSO to see if they could help out a retired US Army Veteran. But they said its not their department. Finally I called the AEES manager in charge of membership, he told me that i needed to meet affiliate members who could introduce me to tier one members so i can get sponsorship.

But for me it it is a little difficult this i have wife and child and my main reason for joining is to give them safe environment to enjoy recreational activities.

On a personal note it is disheartening knowing that I served my country and haven't been able to get a semblance of help.


Shafqat Manir
USA Retired

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