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An instrument of peace teaches defenselessness


This thread is an agreement to collaborate between myself and Robert LeVan. The thread will attempt to adhere as strictly as possible Q & A format and therefore will be unlike any thread you have ever read or participated in.

All are welcome to contribute of course. But for my part, I will limit and direct all my responses to Robert. It will soon be clear to everyone that I am not excluding but including everyone in this collaborative format. The questions we pose are the key. Robert, I guarantee that you will be frustrated at times in the discipline required to pose a real question. A real question will not have any “labels” in it- no countries, political parties, political leanings or judgments not even male / female distinctions, no time or places references either (other than “here and now”, that is).

Robert, we will be discussing a thought system that will do much more than satisfy your curiosity as to why someone would act defenselessly. Your questions Robert will dictate exclusively how the collaboration on this thread proceeds or doesn’t proceed.

(a poem in benediction)

Robert, together we “take the road less traveled”
“It will make all the difference” as ego is unraveled

That road is not “lost”, but is just “under cover”
the means is our collaboration brother to brother
one thought system (“road”) exchanged for another

A collaboration and goal exchanging hell for heaven
maybe not the whole journey, just the first step
“An instrument of peace teaches defenselessness”
I acknowledge your willingness as you answered -”yes”


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