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An IT Professional threatened me. (self-awareness


“… an IT business entrepreneuer threatened me, arguing i was too “frech” why i suggest self-awareness as an alternative solution to IT… “

I can really dont belief this, and it is not, that humans are not capable to do that, but do IT Industry feel afraid that Self-awareness professionals enter the market with solutions that are possible only because of Human natural self-awareness, where technology isnt necessary for them?

What about security issues, decision making, can all be done by math-statts analysis ans charts, by the best SOQUET, and the ideal “are you a machine?” control at the server/site/network gate?

I remember the time in which green activitsts where hitten on the streets because or agruing against environment damage by any industry.

It took a while until the informed citizen did use by its own arguments in favor of envirionmental care and education and the law took the green activists as responsible professionals serious and decided to create laws that protect the enviornment.

isnt that incredible, humanity suddenly realized its responsibility on envirinmental care. i wonder why they didint before? isnt the tendency of humanity: try and error? isnt that the scientific method of developing technology?

But what comes next?

Now sustainability activists are getting it done, moving professionally and scientifically, the field of social and industry, progress management, into environmental care, culture care, human care, and so on.

But what about the value of self-awareness in the individuals and collectives of humans, for the sustainable progress/development/quality of life that every individual and society, city and culture would wish/prefere to choose for its next 9 generations?

Does the impact of a business, technology generation create, might affect blindly the life, consciousness, capacity of learning, of decision making, self-reflection, self-awareness, collaboration, cocreation, innovation, security of following generations?

Is the sustainable development of earth dangered by IT Technologies, or digitalization of humanity?

Would be self-awareness activists, professionals, associations threatened as a strategy of the IT industry, to avoid self-awareness enter the awareness of humanity?

When this IT entrepreneur threatened me, his argument was very simple: ” we are scientists” he said.

The question would be, are thosee responsible scientists? business people? or business groups?

When the atomic bomb, developed for security reasons, freedom, democracy, …they were also scientists. SCientists are also those that created the virust-weapons technologies, GMO-dangerous species for natural econsystems, and NANO-virus-bots, and the behaviour-identification software for police and profile system for governments.

Scientists are very creative, and themselves are that naiv in their minds and so childish in their hearts, that always decide to belief that “humans are not stupid, it wont harm any one, all is under control, no body can hack it, it would never be used wrong, we are just developers, government will regulate it, our funding sources have only good intentions”

Why then there are, have been and will be so many security, safety issues in the industry? if the scientist would have the necessary knowledge, then no modification of materials, substances-mix, infraestructure, safety guidelines-training, human exposure limits, safety zones, nuclear-plant-security systems and others would be necessary. they would design it that first time already right! or might be that science is learning and advancing its knowledge and solving its mistakes every year?

I will quote my self: “isnt that incredible, humanity suddenly realized its responsibility on envirinmental care. i wonder why they didint before? isnt the tendency of humanity: try and error? isnt that the scientific method of developing technology?”

why to create any thing that would / might / danger humanity, while having trust humanity is not willing to harm itself.

Humanity doesnt want to harm itself? please look at the 10 working hours of business people, the amount of patients fisiotherapist and psychiatrists, burned outs care professionals work have as result of business process / HHRR Management / Production rules and intensity of working strategies.

There is a common belief that sciense, technology, know what they are doing, themselves. that nothing they do might harm humanity or provocate direct or indirect harm of humanity This idea is central, specially for ITs.

But apparently IT are the first one that need complementary training on SElf-awareness, ethics, social responsibility, social sciences, and a review of the question : How the digitalization of humanity could harm humanity consciouss development, self-awareness and resilience, along Protected content .

Do you think that the digitalized children 5 years in the future, children that will birth within a digitalized world would notice the risk their senses, natural self-awareness and capacity of communication, collaboration, cocreativity with each other have been limited to 1%, for the benefits of the industry?

Well, my intuition tells me that the reason why this IT entrepeneur threatened me and warned me to care for my life, as he said: “what you do is not necessary, you need to do something elses, there is no professional background nor scientific background nor funding nor customers interested. YOu better go and study something elses. I am your friend. “. and later on asked me for some money… maybe a protection offer.

While at the same time i will receive so many questions from him, related to keys for self-awareness applied business, and his invitation : ” I will pay for you a team of people that will sell your services”

While later on: ” i will send somebody to harm you” was signalized.

What should i do, go to the press and tell: an IT wants to harm me because i suggest self-awareness and self-responsibility in humanity is pivotal and key for sustainable development and the evolution-chances of human species?.

Who would belief, starting by police. NOt my words, but that a PHD, money maker entrepreneur, with so many diploms and so much money, would threatened me… for that reason?

worst, does the authorities realize the dangeer that means the IT-Science-Nano-GMO Technology for humanity? well, i am sure if authorities wouldnt be that blindly-trusty (believers as of dogmas) regarding the arguments and certainties of scientists, they would be able to questionate more and act with more self-responsibility and discerniment.

The first thing they most of the time argue and say is: “self-awareness no body needs, IT solutions or more effective, than humans.”

It is true: an IT system with a powerful statts and tendency analysis can replace now almost all the human components of decision making industry, interaction with customers, process control, investment, management

i recently did read that a scientist said that 3MB would be enough to digitlize the standard individual behaviour, perception and ability to reaction. just 3Mb are enough to digitalize a human. and that is the beginning of IT and technology to replace humanity direct interaction and participation into any industry through A.I.

For sure, if i say that self-awareness, applied with self-love will make humanity more self-responsible, then the creation of solutions that doesnt include IT technologies, is at the same time suggested.

But, is that what self-awareness applied professionals want? money, to enter in competition with the IT Industry? is that whyt self-awareness applied professionals want?

(well we cannot avid to have black sheeps that sell themselves for money)

I have been always amazed by the little distance that exists between neurons, and how intelligent people is any way.

The fact is, i have been treathened, already, for about 6 months, and who knows, what the IT industry of billions, would like to try out against self-awareness applied professionals later on.

It is very easy to claim that self-awareness applied professionals are responsible of the down of sales those companies have; but i think we are not the reason of that changes in the IT market, but the fact that IT solutions are not enough, not only for decision making, but for a human seölf-aware, self-responsibile, resilient society.

The observation of nature and life principle, the ability of humanity to interact with nature, seems to be not perceived as important any more, but machine-kind-of-productivity.

The promess of “total control”, seems to be more a sales argument than a reality, even, at ” the stage of development of science, total control have been prooved” probably.

Why IT industry might fear self-awareness applied? Where is the conflict node?

Lets review:

While humans will get digitalized, and replaces from the industry, humans will become an object of consume, the AI product itself. now programmed by a new type of psychology that is capable ot extract the necessary information for the digitalization and programming of humanity, but as well the creation of humans with abilities that later will be digitalized (transfered to A I Engines)

For sure, humanity is not the target (as buyers), for IT business, the target for IT business is the industry that looks for more efficient modalities of making money with less human resources costs.

Then if humans are transformed into products, and replaced by AI, then humans are not longer the master of the products chain, but the result of the chain of production, the product itself. (integrated with High-Digital-HUman Tech). Yes, humans, according to digitalization of human technology, will become a product to be sold, quite soon.

Why natural self-awareness applied, the ability of humanity of collaborate with each other, resilience, application of nature principles, following nature ability to self-sustain and self-organize it self would be that danegrouse for an re-emerging new IT industry? (Integrated multidisciplinary products)

Why the value of individualism is that high? isnt individualism, self-fishness, competition, the ideal values an individual needs to follow, in order to become an individual ideal model of human that can be digitalized?

“If an individual gets specilized, is the ideal component of the industry.”

The threatening i received was not because self-awareness applied would be able to compete with IT applied, but because self-awareness applied human resilience, communication, collaboration, cocreativity would change the destiny of human species into a nature-heart-based-consciousness based humanity.

As soon as machines, IT AI Engines, takes over human capacity of decision making, with the argument that human intelligence is not capable to make complex analysis and decisions, then, humanity will be replaced and its ability to experie3nce collectivelly and evolving human collective self-awareness, highly complex will be at once damaged.

self-awareness applied brings humans together, collaboration, cocreativity, communication, if applied with self-love, creates harmony and self-responsibility, also in relation to nature.

AH! did i say nature? would self-awareness applied to self-responsibility field make CEOs and employees more consciouss on: how natural resources would need to be used and how humanity interacts with nature, with gaia? Would that affect then other industries business?

Now i get it, why self-awareness applied professionals would eperience treaths in following years. The closer self-awareness applied activitis and professional come to the industry, governments and religions, the more difficult would be to convince the sheeps and the bulls with scientific arguments to follow a behaviour that have been soccially accepted, but that is in principle self-destructive, not only in terms of sustainable development but also in terms of humanity as a species in continues evolution.

Tell me why, self-awareness professionals will be threatened? Because of money? Industry? Power?

No. thos words play no role in our modern world.

Would our arguments and scientific work, warnings and training of new professionals affect the billion/trillion industries all at once? push governments to create and consider new laws and impulse an emergining self-aware culture and new style of education brought to children?

Maybe yes. and apparently, humanity it self as species, is a product on development, considering what humanity seems to become every Protected content , little by little.

Maybe the earth planet will be sold, as a BORGs Fabric, for a strange interdimensional culture in 9 generations. Who knows? do you know?

While science has a little long vision, even the distance between neurons is to short, the evolution of the human species is not considered as an argument to push science and industry to ” AVOID to TOUCH” humanity possibility of change.

The digitalization of humanity will slowly control human evolution possible tracks through paralel digitalized worlds where humanity will be inserted or self-inserted (out of self-distraction), and the evolving process defined by the programming of the software and experiences pushed to human brain (generatore sof behaviour) in those habryd worlds. World created in order to create with new, product new human skills, that later on will be digitalized and A.I.ized.

But who will design the program? ITs?

or the Prime self-loving love source core of all that is?

Or Psy-laboral behaviour scientists?

Since when exists such a global strategy in IT? lets review the IT origins, when it tried to imitate human brain which is actually, for science, considered as the place where consciousness cen be found fisically as a result of a bio-organic process.

ITs followed, mimic with technology, nature. As soon as the shape, behaviour and interaction and learning capacities have been imitated, then, ITs creations can be by science considered Alive, sensitive, consciouss individuals and with rights.

Maybe such kind of programs, technology exists already. maybe hybrids rights and laws are already on the hands of some politicians

which would be the next booom of the technology? a nano-interface? that would control human senses and redirect them for laboral means? or for gamming?

gaming ? a new path to develop human skills?

I guess the IT technology and hybrid-human scientists, have other plans.

But, how strange, might be destiny, self-awareness professionals are also in the field of work, right now, as well!. That is timming!

Apparently ITs (Digital-BORG) oriented understood the term: self-creation, for creating new human species, a digitalized species.

Are they wishing in a close future to be considered also gods and goddesses creatores, by the new digitalized humanity?

the social management controlled by an elite of IT professionals living in a paralel hidden by IT global network, realm? world? society?

Is that already too much to say? No, there is no reason why self-awareness applied activists, researchers and professionals will be threatened, why some will receive investores and their work will be privatelly by funding controlled, or by governments regulated, or why, some of the most natural exponents of it have been desapearing or killed themselves.

It is very simple, in order to be a self-awareness applied activist, researcher and professional, you dont need diploms nor to have a job in any corporation, but to know your self. your own nature, nature, and its prime original source, impulse, heart, self-loving love nature, self-responsible intelligence, to be sensitive to life principles.

Should i say, tell more?

Natural Self-awareness cannot be created by eternal will: thought nor conditionated by books, academic studies, and it cannot be controlled nor forbidden by laws.

Unless one day, education (individual and social) would be that skillful to conditinate human choice, that self-awareness wont be even a perceived option for a human type.

Humanity finds it self into a transition stage, blind of its future digitalization. in 3 years, or less, you will find out more on the news.

I still wonder, why i have been threatened, as i perceive no reasons, to fear, of any industry, of any government or even of the scientific field, military or social management, to fear of self-awareness applied practitioners, activists, researchers and professionals.

What we will bring to the market, is also not going to harm theirs, nor compete with their products nor change their possibilities to addapt themselves.

Here i would like to quote the IT that threatened me: ” you and I, are playing in two different leagues, you are too little for us”

< transhumanic wars, the digitalization of humanity- Introduction to the books series, a real story > by L D Maldonado Fonken

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