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Serengeti Watch is excited to announce that the first annual International Serengeti Day celebration will take place – worldwide – on Saturday, March 19, Protected content . On Serengeti Day people around the world will participate in local activities, led by local people, to both celebrate the Serengeti as a priceless world heritage and bring awareness to the world about the current looming threat to the Serengeti.

SERENGETI DAY EVENTS: During the weeks running up to Serengeti Day, and on Serengeti Day itself, we have planned a series of activities that interested people can plan and conduct, with support from Serengeti Watch (or come up with your own ideas!)

1. Walk for Wildebeest/Serengeti Run – Plan a local celebration walk or run to bring people out to learn more, and raise local awareness of this problem through media attention. You can also get pledges for each mile you walk/run to help raise funds for upcoming strategies SW is planning.
2. Serengeti Goes to School – Teachers around the world will be provided with a week-long Serengeti curriculum and materials to begin educating our youth about our collective responsibility to nature in our world, and Serengeti in particular.
3. Letter Writing Campaign – We are providing downloadable post cards for people everywhere to voice their opinions about the highway, and encourage everyone to time delivery of their print message to Tanzanian Embassies around the world for the week of Serengeti Day. Perhaps getting a group of people to deliver them in person to the embassies. 1.5 million cards for 1.5 million Wildebeest?
4. Think Global/Act Local – Local environmental needs are serious as well. If you have a local environmental or animal welfare problem, organize a group to volunteer their time to address the issue. Do this in honor of Serengeti, and let your local media know what is going on – both locally and globally.
5. Information Campaign – Use your cell phone to get the word out and start a chain of information that can be passed along across the planet. Write an opinion piece for your local paper, and work to get it published on Serengeti Day. Talk to a local TV or radio station about a spot to highlight the plight of the Serengeti.
6. Awareness Parties – bring your friends together to celebrate through a Safari Party, educate, enjoy, and raise funds for the ongoing fight
7. Cell Phone Donation Program – SW is partnering with Eco-Cell, a cell phone recycling company dedicated to properly recycling used cell phones, reducing the need for mineral mining on the African continent, and raising funds for non-profit environmental efforts. By collecting and donating old cell phones, you can raise funds for Serengeti Watch’s work (US and Canada only). Protected content
8. Serengeti Day T-shirts (and other products) – Many of you have asked for a chance to buy a t-shirt, hat, bumper sticker, etc. We have set up an online ‘shop’ where things can be purchased, with a portion of the proceeds going to Serengeti Watch. They say they ship everywhere in the world. Protected content

Funds raised during Serengeti Day activities will be used to support Serengeti Watch efforts to stop this highway. Possible actions being considered include newspaper ads and TV spots in Tanzania, an external economic impact study to better inform the Tanzanian public about the long-term economic damage of the highway, possible litigation, and support for volunteers on the ground to promote education about and preservation of the Serengeti.

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