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A web-portal whose name indicates its contents. Here is the index of this weekend's articles. I'm not looking for a debate on the site: just bringing it to IN members' attention. Enjoy!

Afghan Loya Jirga Will Determine US Troop Pact
Karzai Stands Firm on Conditions, Immunity Remains in Question
Iran Hawks Down but Not Out After Geneva Talks
Obama Administration Wins Over Key Hawk on Iran Nuclear Talks
30 Killed as Syrian Rebels Attack Outpost
Lebanese and Turkish Hostages Freed After Rare Syrian Cooperation
Guide to Syrian Armed and Political Opposition
UN: 'Strong Evidence' Pak Military OKd US Drones
US Quietly Releasing $1.6 Billion in Pakistan Assistance
Training and Raids: US Prepares African Surge
Hundreds of US Troops Will Deploy to Romania Next Year
Snowden: '0% Chance' That Russia, China Got NSA Docs
Are Hawks in Congress Trying to Scuttle Iran Talks? by Matthew Duss
The Secret State Is Just Itching to Gag the Press by Jonathan Freedland
Eric Schlosser and the Illusion of Nuclear Weapons Safety by Robert Jervis
The Failed Policy of Collapsism by John Feffer
No More Sources by Paul Lashmar
The Road to Finalizing a Nuclear Deal With Iran by Seyed Hossein Mousavian

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