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Apply for AIESEC Explore Program before December 4

These countries are looking for yours skills for a Volunteer Internship (under 30):

Sri Lanka

Internship Opportunities:

Social Justice
Social Entrepreneurship


You’re in Brazil and you're reading Portugese. You’ve been busy all day giving Human Rights education to a group of eager 8th graders. For Lunch you had “feijoaga” and “vatapá” to start. It was delicious. You’re on your way to play football with some of the awesome people you met there at a small football pitch. You were good in Vienna but now it’s a whole different ball game. Afterwards you enjoy some Cachaça and Caipirinha with your AIESEC friends there. You walk back home along the beach back to your host home and you begin to reflect:

- I’m experiencing Brazil in a way that I never could dream if I were a tourist
- I was recruited because my skills are in demand
- I’m actively learning new skills
- I’m making many new friends and building an international network
- I’m exploring and helping people at the same time
- And I’m making a difference every single day I’m there

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