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Arabs To UN: Western Wall is Muslim…”

New York’s best Madison Avenue advertising firms could not have done it better. Savvy Washington DC political campaign managers would only envy this as well: putting a fictitious spin to try to change a historical fact. This is what some of the UN representatives of the Arab world (Algeria, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Palestinian Authority), is trying to sell to the United Nations’ UNESCO Heritage body: that the Western Wall (one of the most admired site in the history of Judaism) is actually in fact Muslim!

If the Israeli delegation at the UN had any sense of humour, they should consider advancing a counter resolution proposing that the city of “Surfer’s Paradise” in the lovely Gold Coast, Australia also be re-classified as a Muslim site because of the explicit use of the word “Paradise” mentioned so many times in Muslim literature. I have been to Surfer’s Paradise and saw many beautiful ladies there that can act as the 70 or now Protected content (hey its inflation) with whom any self respecting radicalized Arab suicide bomber would want to see when he blows himself (and his victims) to Paradise! Just to clarify, his victims would not be there with him and his virgins, only s/he would be. So don’t get your hopes up.) Who cares if historically, Surfer’s Paradise had always been Australian, hey its just semantics! We can ignore that just as the Arab delegation ignores the inconvenient fact that the Western Wall had been built BEFORE Islam was even invented, in fact at least 1,000 years before Muhammed was even born.

The Arab delegation also has a knack in ignoring their own Muslim authorities saying that the Western Wall actually belongs to the Judeo heritage. Can't blame people for short memories nowadays, it's the internet's fault!

The Supreme Muslim Council, which was published annually from Protected content 1953, issued a finding in Protected content explaining that “[the Dome of the Rock and the Temple Mount] is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps from pre-historic) times. Its identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute.” Read it for yourself here: Protected content

Whoopsy! If this were a court room drama (like L.A. Law or the Good Wife), this is when counsel for the Arab delegation sees their case sinking like the Titanic into the wine dark sea... Permission to approach the bench, your Honour?

So what else are the UN Arab countries ignoring when trying to pull a fast one over the UN? How about reality? When the tomb of Joseph in Nablus which is also holy to both Jews and Muslims was transferred to Palestinian Authority’s control, guess what happened? Just guess. Radical Palestinians fire-bombed the tomb of Joseph three times, the most recent incidents being just two weeks ago when the nearby yeshiva (a place of study) was also torched. Books and kippas were burned Gestapo style. Is this what happens when a classical heritage site is transferred to Palestinian “protection”. If these Arab member states suddenly developed a genuine interest in the care and conservation of historical holy sites of Muslim Middle East (a noble goal indeed, one worthy of the highest admiration), why didn’t these same member states propose a resolution to the UN “strongly condemning” the use of “excessive force” in the vandalism and wanton destruction of the Tomb of Joseph which so far is the only holy site under the control of the Palestinian Authority? Do I detect a tiny hint (just a tiny one) of hypocrisy?? No, that can’t be. According the Western media, its impossible for Arab states to be hypocrites (even though they have hardly lifted a finger to help the MILLIONS of Middle Eastern migrants (their fellow people) pouring into Western Europe. It’s an European Union problem now thank you very much says members of the “Muslim Brotherhood”. That’s just a misunderstanding. Laugh it off and smile to the camera like Hilary Clinton. Cheese!

The proposed Arab resolution also calls that Rachel’s Tomb and The Tomb of The Patriarchs, both fundamental in Judaism, be classified as Muslim. Excuse me, the last time I checked the Torah, it mentions Rachel and the Patriarchs. Where was Muhammed in all this? Did I miss something at Sunday school? In light of recent events, it may be prudent that before these sites are transferred to the Palestinians, we try to buy the best FIRE INSURANCE money can buy, assuming there is an international Insurance company really dumb enough to bet that no Palestinian would ever fire-bomb these sites (just like they did to the Tomb of Joseph). No sir, history never repeats itself, indeed. Let’s see if the Palestinian Authority would guarantee that “promise” (but I don’t think they would guarantee the fire insurance though…)

Fortunately, the UN is not all that stupid. UNESCO director general, Irina Bokova had the good sense to strongly condemn the Arab resolution as a "deplorable" move that could further incite violence on the ground in Jerusalem. Hey, not all politicians are stupid ok! Evidently Ms. Bokova saw right through the transparent attempt to pull a fast one over her eyes and she rightly removed the “Western Wall” from the proposed resolution. Score UNESCO 1, Arab coalition 0. Nice try guys, go back to the drawing board :)

You know what, this issue will never go away, I would advise that the Israeli government just suck it up and give the Western Wall to the Arabs and see how many minutes it remains standing after control has been transferred to the Palestinian Authority. It took 4 highly disciplined Roman legions to destroy the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem during 70AD. Let’s see if a few radicalized Arabs with firebombs can completely finish the job in a fortnight. Don’t worry Mr. Netanyahu, its bad for your health. The Surfer's Paradise resolution is beginning to make alot of sense now...

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