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Are movies just mocies or are they actual messages and things that people are afraid to say?

I love watching movies and i have come to a conclusion that every single movie i have seen has been a message to us about where we are and where we are headed. For example, a movie like Wall E shows us so many aspects of human life and makes us understand where we as human beings are headed. Another example being Tears In The Sun, again we see another aspect of human life being obedience and how sometimes in life we have to break this monotony that we consider a way life and change what we have the ability to change and not just stand by and believe what we are told is right and try and stand up for what we may think is the right thing to do or the right thing to say. Quite honestly this is a very small part of my debate, i am waiting to see what the world has to say, or rather what YOU have to say.

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