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Are we moving from mass consumption to the wants o

The mass-production business model has come under assault during the past decade.

The best example in my opinion is Apple’s iPod and its music service, iTunes. Apple rescued musical assets from a faltering business model, the compact disc, and bypassed the industry’s costly legacy systems and routes to market. It enabled users to reconfigure their music as they saw fit. Apple is hence today the largest music retailer in the United States.

But the reason for the success, which had been invisible to the music industry, was Apple’s ability to reinvent the consumption experience from the viewpoint of the individual, at a fraction of the old cost.

The old focus of wealth creation worked from the perspective of the organization and its requirements. The new logic starts with the individual end user. Instead of “What do we have and how can we sell it to you?” good business practices will start by asking “Who are you?” “What do you need?” and “How can we help?”

Read more on Protected content and then let us know how long you believe it will take before all companies will have to jump on "the iPod band waggon?

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