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Are we political animal or social animal?

We often explain things with the reduction ism viewpoint for the most of things in nature.We try to dissect , break down and find out something out there.We call it Science.

As we born in this very Earth , Which I thought that is not beginning of our life since
we were already in 9 month mother's womb and before that as well and as the theory of induction we could further extend it.

If someone says he has become father , I can vividly imagine he has got father so he became father.These are all philosophical point.

In politic if we add philosophy probably we can construct more better society and live more happily. How then ?

Today we have consumer right that means we can purchase as many things as we can with our ability. If I have ability I can purchase Protected content , 50 houses and so more which is safeguarded by the political right.
But if we understand the society and ethics then we will not do so and we will not look after the rules of country to protect us.
We are physical entity , the impenetrability is our fundamental quality and we can exist only one place at a given time and as we go on increasing our limit this creates desires for further and its really making sick for humanity.

One person is suffering because of starving to death and other one is suffering of anxiety, depression, fear in life and third or the middle class is just swinging in between two different philosophy so we have not been able to create beautiful society.
If we simply think that we are not separate from nature we can probably understand it more profoundly,
the water which we used to think of not us we make it our-self after we drink, the food which we think of not us after having it we make it ourselves so let's make our self certain rules and our small effort could help us bring the world a best place to live.
I think we have certain amount of happiness and we have to share it together otherwise we are going to suffer in one way or another.
Let's study the five branch of philosophy to understand the nature, earth, ourselves, our connection and may be we can make better society?

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