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Are You a Lovepat?

Are you a Lovepat?

Lovepats are those of us who choose to move to, or live in our partner’s home country. This decision can add incredible joy and enrichment to our relationships and our lives, as well as complexity and challenges. Our aim is to let Lovepats voice their unique experiences through our survey.

If you have a bi-cultural marriage and neither fit into the typical “expat” or “accompanying spouse on assignment” categories, you are probably a Lovepat. If you left your home to move to your loved one’s home country, you are a Lovepat.

We are Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse from Adaptive Roots, and Anna Maria Moore from Culture&Moore. Having chosen to become Lovepats ourselves, we have a keen interest in finding out more and sharing those findings in a professional environment. We will be presenting at the FIGT (Families in Global Transition) conference in Washington DC on March 29th.

This survey will help us to better understand Lovepats, their experiences and their needs. Results from this survey will allow us to raise awareness about this understudied group and to better support Lovepats in finding the balance necessary for a fulfilling life.

If you are a Lovepat, please take Protected content to have your say by filling out our survey. It will give you a chance to look at the life-changing decision you made and reflect on how it has affected your relationships, your family, your career, and your life in general.

To take the survey, click on the link below:

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