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Are you a super googler - looking for some work?

We are looking for someone to assist us in undertaking web-based research - a super Googler.

Our business will launch at the end of Sep Protected content (indirectly) involves travel and accommodation services…but more about that later.


We will specify assignments to be undertaken, and provide the template for delivering results.

The first of which might be….for a given list of countries (probably 10), find the expat associations, pair them, and provide contact details in a Word document. Eg If the countries were only three and they were USA, France and New Zealand…..the pairs would be (USA-France and France-USA), (USA - NZ and NZ - USA), (France - NZ and NZ - France)…and for each pair we would want the name of relevant expat associations including contact details, email wherever possible.

A second example might be…identify the most popular social networking/bookmarking sites for a given country (or countries).

We would expect that we will have requests sufficient to fill 20 hours a week for the next 6 months at least. Each assignment probably about Protected content duration.

Our requirements

Timing: you can accept and deliver an assignment within 3 weeks (usually)
Location: wherever you are enjoying life
Internet access: kind of critical, we doubt that this could be done thru Internet Cafes
Skills: self-disciplined, clever with search engines, think outside the square, logical and clear communicator

Your requirements

Timing: tell us about your situation (we don’t mind if this is just a 3 month thing for you or you’re interested longer term)
Payment: how do you charge? Rate per hour, or look at the job spec and fix a price?...we’re easy on this, and we pay within 7 days (direct to your bank, no cheques)


If you are interested. just tell us enough to address our requirements, and yours, and if the first assignment was the one above, in a paragraph, how you would do it…ie what you would expect from us, what you would do, how you would deliver it. Also any questions you would like us to answer.

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