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Are you happy with airline companies these days?

Dear fellow members,
I think the time when airlines could justify cancellations and similar decisions by the Covid-19 pandemic has finished. What I believe is happening now is ABUSE. I believe airlines are cancelling fights just because they are not full enough to be profitable. In other words, they are doing the one thing they SHOULD NOT be doing.
Bad behaviour does backlash and that is the main reason for airlines not to be recovering: they seem to have forgotten that recovery requires us, customers, to be willing to travel and confident to do it. And how can we be confident if airlines cancel trips and change tickets to accommodate nothing else and nothing but their own conveniences?
Last weekend I had to cancel a trip because the airline was not able to honor my booking, as they unilaterally and without any explanation changed my ticket in a way that I would not be able to come back in time for work. That would be my first airplane trip since the pandemic began. And it did not happen.
To add insult to injury, I have not heard a single word from the airline about my refund, which I am entitled to, since I had paid the most expensive tariff.
Again, I ask: is that how airlines expect to recover?
So I would like to gather travellers and address each and every airline on this planet. Because we need them, but we do not need those sleezy practices.
Does my story sound familiar to you somehow? If you have something to say about that, please do so. I believe we cannot be watching this loose-loose situation and stay quiet. Let us speak out, shall we?

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