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"Art collectors and collecting art"

Hello dear Members,

I would like to share these thoughts with you and in particular with art collectors.

It has been known that Art collectors collect art for the love of art and for future investment, whether sooner or later down the road. I, however, would forward the following questions to Art collectors:

1- Do Art collectors collect art at any time, as long as they love or find value in a particular piece of art, despite of economics circumstances!

2- Do economic situations affect the art market!?

3- Do art collectors make their research first, to know more about an artist’ history, before purchasing an artwork? Where and how!?

4- Do Art collectors collect artwork from only, known artists with awards and history, from artists who have the great potential to be known someday or from both!?

5- Where and how art collectors search to find their targeted artists?

6- How would art collectors know what is the reasonable price and what is not? In another words on which basis do they base their evaluation.

7- Recently, I have read about Art fair where some artworks were sold for millions of dollars while the world is facing recessions. Keeping in mind that those artists never sold previously, with even quarter of that price!

8- Is selling a lot of artwork is the only sign of an artist’s success!? If yes, how would you explain the sale of artwork with unheard and imaginary prices when those artists had never sold their work previously!?

I would appreciate receiving sincere responses and feedback. Discussion is open for all members as well.


Mona Youssef
Canadian fine artist
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