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Asia's Best Retirement program -

Hello everyone,

I am a licensed MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) consultant, and I am happy to offer complimentary consultation/ assessment for expats willing to relocate and make Malaysia as their 2nd Home.

This program enables expats and family to reside in Malaysia on a Protected content residency visa with the following benefits:-
1. 10 years Residency Pass for you and family-renewable
2. Children can study in Malaysia ( international schools, private etc)
3. Excise duty free of one imported or purchase car
4 Can buy unlimited number of properties in Malaysia
5. Open Bank Account

We have recently promote MM2H in the Nov issue Retiree Magazine in Australia. Link as follows : Protected content

Today, we already have more than 28,000 expats from Protected content who has joined this program in Malaysia as their Second homes.

You can visit the following website for more information :-
Protected content
or email Protected content
phone/ watapps : Protected content .

Happy to give you a free assessment to see if you are eligible to join this program. Have a nice day!

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