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AsK Internations to compensate/freeze memberships

Dear Fellow Albatross, I have recently contacted internations management concerning the painful fact that albatross members continue to pay premium while we are not getting value for our membership, hense wasting our monies. Its been three months, and counting, since we last had a physical event on internations due to the global pandemic, despite this fact, internations has continued to run our membership without giving members the option to freeze their membership. As a community that is built by us all through our participation and subscription, i have written internations about this and asked them to kindly do the right/ethical thing by doing the following:

a) compensate people for the lost months by extenting their memberships for the number of months they have lost (This is only useful when we can attend physical events again)

b) Give people the option to freeze their membership until internations can organise physical events again. People who want to attend virtual meetings can decide to keep paying. it should be people's choice not something that is forced on everyone. The virtual meetings are a failure when a global event has Protected content . This clearly shows people are not interested in these meetings. Believe me we do not pay premium for virtual/zoom meetings. The fee we pay as albatross is supposed to offer pecks like drinks, tapas, and other small services. We do not get any of these in the virtual events so why are we still being charged the same fees? This is just not fair to us.

This has been going on for three months and Internations has offered to do nothing about it, which is still very surprising to me seeing that this is supposed to be a community that is for the benefit of the people in it. Even gyms have offered members to freeze their memberships or take courses online if they choose. Other physical subscription services i have have done the same, but not internations.

So after over a week of writing them and demanding they refund or freeze my membership, they have agreed to freeze my membership but i am disappointed that i had to insist and force them to do what is right, and still they have not offered this to other albatross members whose monies continue to waste as the months go by.

So if you are an albatross member whose membership has wasted for the past three months and still wasting and you do not want to pay for virtual events (since this was never what we paid for) i ask that you write internations and ask for the above resolutions as i have. Internations management is playing the game of not knowing what is right so we have to make them do the right thing by demanding it otherwise they will continue to bill us for three, six and even a year without nothing to gain for us.

I hope this helps

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