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Astronomy amateurs....... Unite !

Hi folks,
Does " anyone-anywhere " know of the existence of a permanent residence/abode/campus/village for amateur astronomers.
I do not mean a hotel, a B&B, a "pie in the sky (excuse the pun) land parcel for sale in Arizona, a 2 weeks course private school dormitory.
I mean, either for rental or purchase, a property neatly subdivided in civilised individual units where amateurs can share their knowledge, learning, resources, equipment, research without the perennial " See you next month/week " and lack of continuity.

Professional astronomers live permanently on their campus.
Amateur astronomers can/could emulate that to foster meaningful achievements .

Does such a place already exist ?
If it does not, is anyone keen to start one, albeit humbly and modestly ? Please do get in touch. ...
...... " The whole is greater than the sum of all parts " ........ and all that ???
( currently in Europe but willing to move )

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