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Asylum Solutions: reinstating the right to seek as

"…In the past, the lack of a visa would not necessarily have been an obstacle to reaching a place of safety. The drafters of the Protected content Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees knew that travelling without documentation was an integral part of the refugee experience, and stipulated that asylum seekers should not be punished for arriving through irregular means.
But present-day visa regimes are backed up by a powerful innovation in border control aimed at preventing arrival in ways that were completely unforeseen when the Convention was drafted….”

"...endangering the lives of asylum seekers by restricting access to safe modes of travel, increasing the likelihood of forced return to danger, and fuelling illicit markets..."

"While the decision to grant or deny asylum has always rested with states, it is increasingly being recognised that these policies undermine the very right to seek asylum that is enshrined in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

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