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Atheism 2.0 is "harmonious disagreement"

This TED talk is a humorous, thought-provoking 20 minute video with the last 4 minutes containing Questions/Answers with speaker/author Alain de Botton. The witty quip below gives you a gist that “Atheism 2.0” is a “wiki-project” about “harmonious disagreement.”

“It’s as though either you accept [religious] doctrine and then you can have all the nice stuff, or you reject the doctrine and you’re living in some kind of spiritual wasteland under the guidance of CNN and Walmart.”

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Most of you know that I am not an atheist, nor am I religious. Yet I very much like discussing life questions with atheists because no position –taking or belief or absence of belief could mean that we don’t have something to learn from each other while “being polite about differences. “


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