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Australia to Switzerland

Greetings all!

My name is Brock.
I’m a 25 year old male living in Brisbane, Australia.
As an Australian National with no European heritage, it’s very difficult (unfortunately) for me to find an opportunity, if there is any at all, of the possibility to move to Switzerland for study, to work and ultimately reside.

I have been in contact with the consulate in my city (to no avail) and other smaller entities in the hopes of finding an opportunity to pursue.

Understanding some potential may lie in professional traineeships, as seen online, this is not a current valid opportunity for me as I hold no science degree or interest.

I have years of employment experience with a fluent and comprehensive knowledge of business in a retail environment however this is not supported with tertiary study since my graduation from high school in Protected content .

I would like to add, I have been dating a Swiss National for the entirety of this year and we have spent thousands of dollars flying back and forward to visit each other over the past 12 months (we met in Australia and fell for eachother). At present, my partner has decided to commit to completing her studies in Australia however we both would prefer living in Switzerland due to lifestyle opportunity and general preference.

I have scoured the internet for opportunities however the response received from professional entities has been extremely discouraging, inconclusive or simply ignored, so here I am trying my luck with IN.

Absolutely any assistance, advice (even encouragement at this point) would be greatly appreciated and your time and response would mean a lot to us!

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