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Australian import and retailing business

This is aimed to any entrepreneurial Aussie wanting to import genuine Provence made toiletry products.
I could not set up an import business when in Australia unless I put 500k AUD and get an investor visa...
In other words, I am looking for an already retailer and/or importer set in Australia and let him benefitiate of an exclusive retailing for these products in Australia.

A close friend of mine is manufacturing genuine toiletry products from Provence under the commercial Tag: «Petits Bains de Provence» I have the exclusive rights to sell these in Australia and New Zealand.

All products have passed health and safety controls in Canada and the US. And they are conform to Australian legislation with harmless contents. They include lye free soaps and gentle products and olive oil enriched.

If successfull, possibility to extend the imports to genuine and original French regions and traditional objects such as cutlery, dishes, cooking wares, table clothes and home decoration objects coming from different emblematic french regions such as Brittany, Alps, Alsace, Occitania etc…

Partnering wanted . I will invest in a full internet site in order to boost sales in Australia.

Please get in touch here for first contact and additional information with existing Tariffs and customs/transports duties

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