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Australian paintings


Hi everybody,

I received 3 australian paintings from my best friend who died from cancer a few years ago and I have no idea who could be the artist.

As you can see on my profile, they represent bradshaw figures. They have been framed by a shop called The Right Image in Milton-Brisbane end of 90s beginning of year Protected content .

I got in touch with a man from that shop but the connexion was very very bad, like I called someone on the moon. Impossible to ear his e-mail address, what I absolutely need to send them my pictures of my paintings.

They must have been part of an exhibition near Brisbane, the shop should remember about them. You can see on each paintings, on the right bottom a signature in gold near a fine gold decoration looking like one letter, a P and WRIGHT.

The owner, my best friend was Mr. Ian Mc INTYRE Director-Sales and Marketing of the company TOPFLIGHT who is today AFRICAN Safaris, Milton-Brisbane.

They could have informations about my friend and his paintings. On their site, no e-mail address again.

If someone from Internations with connexions in Australia could help me in this matter, I would be more than please.

You can also give my Facebook address : Australian Paintings Bradshaw Figures to everybody, my site is open to public, no restriction.

Thanks for your help, everybody,


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