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Australian relocating to Prague...with a criminal

Ahoj!, it's so nice to see so many fellow Australians in the Czech Republic!

I have a couple of questions and I was wondering if it is possible that anyone may have any information or even possibly point me in the right direction.

Long story short I am an Australian citizen currently living in London until my visa expires in August next year. However I am really wanting to make a real change and move to the Czech republic. I have visited before and plan to return soon after the Corona virus period.

In terms of relocating there more permanently, my understanding is that if you are a 3rd country national such as myself. You have a few options.

1. Youth mobility visa...I am turning 27 in August so I feel my time for that option has expired.

2. Similar to the UK in terms of having a sponsorship through employment.

3. Study... I would consider this however I am already a university graduate and although i could make a start in the field i graduated in and would do so if it meant a foot in the door to ČR. It is not overly desirable.

4. Long term visa + Živnostenský.... this option is one that I am considering...could go down the path of English teaching perhaps? I am also qualified to drive Large lorries etc however I dont think I am able to use the Zivno for this purpose. Again I am also a finance graduate so that may be something I can explore.

My main question is... has anyone here applied for a Živno or some type of residence visa as a 3rd country national with a criminal record? Or know of anyone that has? I never thought I would get a UK visa with one yet here I am. However is the Czech republic and by extension most of europe far more strict?

I have just one charge that I received almost 6 years ago... beyond that there is nothing else. And if anyone wanted to know the nature of the offence it was a drug supply offence.. yea very stupid I know, I guess it would be put down to a period of youthful exuberance. However what's done is done also.

If anyone has any information or ideas on who I may be best to contact for further advice this would be much appreciated as I am a bit lost on this one at the moment!

Děkuji moc 😊

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