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Author seeking Americans abroad

Hi. My name is Mark Ehrman and I am the author of "Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America" (link below), published in Protected content .

I am interested in contacting any Americans living outside the US. I am putting together a second edition of the book (it now 5 years old and getting out of date) to be published at the end of the year, and, as I did in the first edition, I would like to include the stories and experiences of as many different Americans abroad as I can. Peace Corps volunteers, business owners, NGO workers, English teachers, tour guides/operators, eco-project administrators/participants, corporate transfers, property owners, retirees -- any and all are welcome.

What I'm interested in hearing about is...

Why and when did you leave the US?
Why did you choose to move where you did?
How is your transition going (visas, work, permits, living arrangements, etc.)?
What is your life like where you are (costs, pleasures, frustrations, etc.)
What advice do you have for others who would like to do the same?

If you would like to be part of this exciting project, now in it's fifth year and going into its second printing, please contact me via email (below) or IM.

You're welcome to address these questions in your email or simply introduce yourself and I can email you a detailed questionnaire that can help you further focus your responses.

Any questions about any of this, feel free to ask.

My thanks to all of you and I wish you all many pleasant times wherever you may find yourself.


Mark Ehrman
formerly of the US, now living in
Berlin, Germany
Mark [at]

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