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Award-winning expat film: now streamable & on DVD!

"I'm not from a place. I'm from people." -ALIEN CITIZEN: An Earth Odyssey

The award-winning film of the internationally toured, funny & poignant solo show about growing up in 6 countries is now STREAMABLE: Protected content

Elizabeth Liang is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or Global Nomad. TCKs are the children of global educators, international business people, diplomats, missionaries, the military, and more -- anyone whose family has relocated abroad, usually because of a job placement. Liang weaves humorous stories about growing up as an Alien Citizen abroad with American commercial jingles providing her soundtrack through language confusion, first love, "racial ambiguity," culture shock, friendship, Clark Gable, sexual harassment, and sandstorms…
ALIEN CITIZEN: An Earth Odyssey aims to both entertain: "an amazing amount of humor, aplomb and hope..." (Williams College Record) and educate: "it was profound for all of us" (Ruth Van Reken, author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds). It is the only intercultural solo show that highlights the experiences of being multiracial, bi-national, multilingual, nomadic, and female—living among many different worlds—all at the same time.

Winner: Outstanding Achievement Award in the Performing Arts category at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF)

Finalist: Mixed Remixed Film Festival

"Funny, dramatic, passionate, heartbreaking, and engaging...Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is as mind-engaging and heart-touching as solo performances get, and with Liang’s one-woman show now available for worldwide home-and-school viewing, its informative, inspiring journey has only just begun."
-Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA Film Review

"It’ll make you laugh, cry, yell 'HELL YES!' at the screen...Elizabeth’s linguistic skills and ability to mimic accents and mannerisms brings the colourful characters to life...As so much of the piece resonated with me, as it will for many migrants, I found myself wishing all my friends and family who struggle to understand my lifestyle would also watch it and understand me better...In Elizabeth’s audience we get a sense of belonging, of feeling non-alien."
-Victoria Mitchell, Huffington Post contributor, Writer, Content Creator

"Once again, we experienced the power of storytelling for creating awareness, healing through sharing, and revealing what still needs first aid...she stokes laughter of recognition from the innards of her audience...she offers something that others can somehow relate to in their own stories and start to accept with a chuckle...Liang explores her story with force of fact and confession of impact but does not whine or blame. Rather her performance is powered by an empathetic ownership for her past that connects her with her audience."
-Dr. George Simon & the diversophy® Team

"Alien Citizen is a must watch. Wish it could be seen around the world...From one TCK to another - Thank you."
-Marilyn Gardner, Speaker, Blogger, Author of Worlds Apart

"A fantastic, thought-provoking, hilarious, poignant performance, screening and discussion...Your voice is much-needed and much-appreciated by members of the mixed race and third-culture communities."
-Maria Leonard Olsen, Esq., Attorney, Radio Show Host, Author

"It is so incredibly moving. Such a great resource for trainings and classroom discussions about important topics of identity, belonging, and being a global and multiethnic person."
-Farzana Nayani, Diversity & Inclusion and Intercultural Specialist

"It spoke to us on many levels. The timing couldn’t be better. I’m on the cusp of my next assignment overseas and we don’t know how to tell our daughter we’ll be moving… But one very important new thing Alien Citizen helped realize: don’t force our daughter to suppress her feelings to reinforce my glass-half-full outlook... Thank you again."
-Peter E., State Dept Foreign Service Officer

"Profound and extraordinary and wonderful—like being swooped into deep space. We were carried away."
-C.O. Moed, Writer-Photographer

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